After 17 years of working with Bridal shoes at the Fabulous Arabesque in Perth I am not ashamed to admit I am a bit of a shoeaholic, and everybody that knows me knows it! So, despite the fact my dress was long I knew that my shoes would be something that everybody would focus on. I thought the task of picking my shoes would be difficult, after all I work with so many amazing ranges but………… it turned out to be one of the easiest decisions that I made. From the moment I had seen the Chantilly shoes I knew I wanted them (before there was even a wedding date), only now I didn't have to try and find an excuse as to why I needed them ;)
After sharing my shoe thoughts with the shoe queen herself Sharon (owner of Arabesque) who wholeheartedly approved I knew that they were the ones. Now the hardest job was not to wear them before hand. I managed not to do that but couldn't keep the style a secret until the day (they are just to pretty) so my family, friends and indeed every Arabesque bride got to see my beautiful bridal shoes before the big day. That however didn't stop everyone being totally blown away by just how amazing they look on your feet!!
They are back in their box for the time being after spending the whole night on the dance floor,
and the style has been affectionately re-named in the shop as "Cats shoes".
So until I can wear them again for another event I have treated myself to yet another pair of stunners from Harriet Wilde- Sunbeam! Which got their first airing last friday at a local fashion night.


Photos by Ali Jay Photography