Annelies wears Bridgette Sakura

"When I found the style & design of the embellished heels at Harriet Wilde, I immediately fell in love... I don’t really like most of the glitter and low heel basic white shoes they have when it comes to bridal footwear and that posed a real challenge for me to find something I liked. I also had a transparent bottom part of my dress so my shoes were visible and I wanted them to have a colourful accent matching my husband’s suit which was a dark burgundy.  The service at Harriet Wilde was beyond amazing they sent colour samples several times, they helped with perfect colour matching, they informed me every step of the process, I loved all the personal notes I got with each and every package ( from the samples trough the fitting to the final product) when the shoes arrived, they looked amazing and to top things off they matched and fitted perfectly with our entire colour theme and were such a comfort to wear! I love combining them with my occasion wear wardrobe! My shoes were absolute eye catchers <3"

"No stress, just fun, only sunshine, perfect moments and lots of laughter, love, great food, amazing desserts and crazy dance moves! We wanted to keep it small (as small as possible when the bride’s family is already made up by 100 people, luckily the groom only had 6 relatives) so we had a gathering of 120 people in a charming bohemian country estate. We had relatives & close friends flying in from the United States, Scotland, and Sweden so our wedding had some international flair and we decided to do everything in two languages. Preparations happened in a forest cottage, with this very cosy and welcoming touch, we rented nearby the location so we could take all the time we need and enjoy our moments together! Our day went by smooth and calm, we kept it small until the ceremony, spending quality time with just our parents, the siblings, the master of ceremonies, the groomsmen & bridesmaids after that everybody was welcome to join! Our ceremony was led by the brides godmother (she is a priest in the US so this was a very special honour for me to have her wed us) and was infused with our personal story and own written vows (more geeky & cute than anything else but what did you expect with a love story like Wall-E & Eve). Our venue was enriched with all kinds of personal touches linked to who we were/are as a couple all put together by the bride. As a creative couple we wanted to share who we were with our guests and also be true to ourselves so we created a lot of the colour accents and special items ourselves. The bouquet, the earrings, the perfect matching colour schemes of the people
closest to us, the invitations, the photo booth gadgets, the gifts, we made it all
ourselves and It made our day even more memorable. I loved every minute of
it and the pictures definitely show it!"

Shoes: Bridgette Sakura dyed Deep Burgundy | Photographer: Elvire Van Ooteghem | Flowers: Blomista | Decoration details: Handmade by the Bride | Jewellery: Jewellery by Johan | Ring: Gardens of the Sun | Hair: Bridesmaid, Debbie Bruggeman