Ethereal Bridal Inspiration

The design team at Harriet Wilde are completely in love with the romantic, whimsical, ethereal bridal trend that will inspire our collection for 2019. This is a bold trend with celestial delicate and light fabrics. Contrasted against vivid three dimensional floral embroideries, with a pop of colour. We can envision this trend with feminine sandals covered in delicate flowers, or luxuriously sheer lace wedding shoes with expressive jewel colour splashes. We find the trend particularly exciting because it showcases both femininity and creativity. 

One of the fashion designers that have encapsulated this trend is Temperley London the new collection features camellia and forget me not floral accents in bold bright colours on nude shade tulle base. Bright floral appliqué features a pop of colour and texture. Imaxtree created this wonderful headpiece that we think is so whimsical and delicate. We are swooning over the glamour and dramatic effects from the Marchesa collection, 3D florals created with feathers and delicate sheer luxury fabrics in strong bright shades on an ivory tulle sheer  add to this dramatic look. Ombre colour shades are has been creating truly incredible dresses with amazing textures and deep rich colours. 

Captivating scenery such as this gorgeous wedding Through The Woods We Ran transports guests to a enchanting place and floral decorations continue throughout the day, with this gorgeous woodland cake by The Lovely Find adds a romantic showstopper to any wedding.