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Personalise your Harriet Wilde soles with your own message

Order a full price shoe and receive a complementary sole message, if your date changes we can work with you to update or if you are uncertain then choose a different message (not the date). Offer ends June 1st 2020, select the sole message and you will not be charged. If you'd like the message on a sale item this can be done, the cost for the message is £90/$120.

For your message we recommend keeping the message to a maximum of 15 characters (including spaces), please note that on Hetty's, Arabella Block's and Lana styles the space for the message is suitable for 2 lines of words on each shoe and on all other styles 3 lines of words.

This bespoke service takes 3 weeks, we recommend trying the shoes in advance of attaching the message, when the message is attached the shoes will become a bespoke order and we won't be able to exchange/refund. Customers in the UK we can send the shoes in advance of attaching, customers in the US and other countries you can order the message with your shoes and we can send the shoes for you to try or we can run through measurements to ensure the size is suitable. 

We will always check and confirm by email that your message is correct before making and attaching, as mentioned above if your date does change we can work with you to ensure its corrected to the new date.

Please send a message via the online chat or send an email and we can help you:



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