Aoife wears Arabella Block

"I always knew I wanted forest green block heels for my wedding day but couldn’t find ones I liked anywhere.

We got engaged in May 2020, leaving little opportunity to experience the traditionally exciting moments of preparing for a wedding. My wedding dress shopping experience was limited, and I wasn’t able to have everyone with me. Because of this, my mum and I planned to travel to London to buy my wedding shoes to make it special after lockdown but Covid had other plans. I was devastated – Because of an injury to my foot, it’s rare I can find a pair of heels that I can tolerate so I thought if I couldn’t get to the store to try them on that I would have to give up the dream! However I spotted an ad for virtual appointments and tried not to get my hopes up – I met with Robin online who was beyond helpful. She showed me all the styles and talked me through the process. She talked through the bespoke options. It all sounded perfect but I didn’t think it would work if I couldn’t try them on – Robin was amazing, she arranged for several styles and heel heights to be sent to me in Dublin along with the colour way I wanted to see them in the flesh. When the package came I made an evening out of it with my bridesmaids on video chat and it was so special. Each pair of shoes were packaged up in beautiful ribbons and paper and it really made the whole experience as magical as possible given the fact I was in lock down! I knew it was meant to be when I put on the heel and it didn’t hurt my foot and I was entirely comfortable. The actual shoes were beyond any expectations when I received them. The shoes were such a hit on the day and everyone loved them. I wore them for the whole day and night and was comfortable the entire  time – I never believe people when they say their high heels are comfortable but these ones really were! I treasure them and wear them often now!"


Arabella Block Forest Green with Gold Cherry Embellishments

The shoes are Arabella Block made to order in forest green velvet and embellished with gold cherry.

Photography credit Pink Lime Studios.