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How To Find Your Perfect Size

We want to achieve a perfect fit for you. A good fitting shoe is when there is no gap between your foot and the sides or back of the shoe. The arch of your foot should sit comfortably in the arch of the shoe, and your toes should have a bit of space to move freely. Your shoes shouldn’t slip off while you’re walking.

It is completely normal for one foot to be slightly bigger than the other, in which case we'd suggest using a Harriet Wilde insole with the smaller fitting foot. To also assist with the perfect fit and a bit of extra comfort on your wedding day or any special occasion, our Heel Huggers will be your new best friend. These small, suede padded inserts are secured onto the back of your shoe to provide extra grip and support when walking or even, dancing. One size fits all our shoes.

Most of our styles are available in half sizes, we also have wide fitting bridal shoes available in the best selling styles. If you require another style in our collection making in a wide fit, this can be arranged, please contact the studio for more information.

This isn't a technical guide but in general there is about 1cm between a full size, half sizes it's about 2/3mm, if you can easily get a finger down the back of the shoes and they still feel comfortable in the front part, you might need to go down a full size. With just a few mm gap its half a size or try the insoles or heel huggers.

We know our shoes and how they fit and we can offer the best advise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or book a virtual appointment with our friendly team, we can help you select the most suitable size or if you need to exchange.