Charlyn wears Hetty Mid Blue Blossom Small Rose Gold

"When I was looking for my bridal shoes, I found out Harriet Wilde by chance. When I saw the first picture of the "Hetty Mid Blue" with the blossom embellishment, I knew immediately, that they were exactly what I was looking for.
I had never seen such special shoes anywhere and was immediately enthusiastic.
Straight away I booked a virtual appointment with Harriet Wilde. The team showed me the shoes in detail and in all variants. They advised me on fit and size. 
That was super helpful. When the shoes arrived at my place, they fit perfectly.
I loved wearing the shoes on my wedding day. Not only they were a real eye-catcher and a great color accent to the white dress. The block heels were also super comfortable and I could safely walk to the altar and dance on them until late at night. The guests were also very enthusiastic. When my husband carried me over the symbolic "doorstep" after church, all the guests (primarily the female ones ;-)) shouted: "Oh look! Blue shoes". In short: The shoes were the perfect bridal shoes! Thank you, dear Harriet Wilde team. I'm looking forward to wearing my shoes again."