Chloe wears Hetty Forest Green

"When I started planning my wedding, I knew that I wanted green velvet heels to match Andrew's tartan. I tried a few different shoes, but for one reason or another they just weren't right. Planning a wedding in the middle of the UK's lockdown was tricky as I had to order everything (even my wedding dress) online! But when I came across Harriet Wilde's Hetty Forest Green shoes I just knew they would be perfect! 
COVID and Brexit were causing lots of stock issues, but Harriet Wilde updated me on on my order status frequently and when they finally arrived I was thrilled. They matched Andrew's tartan perfectly and I absolutely loved wearing them on my wedding day. I got so many compliments and they really completed my outfit! 
As our wedding took place within COVID restrictions, we only had 9 family members in attendance, but it was such a special day and we will always treasure our beautiful wedding photos in the Scottish countryside. We have decided to still go ahead with a full wedding for our one year anniversary and I can't wait to wear my Hetty heels again! They make me smile every time I look at them!"