Yolanda wears Hetty Mid Bordo

“Two years before our wedding, and long before we had decided on a venue or dress or caterers, we went to a wedding fair. At this fair, I first laid eyes on the burgundy velvet Hetty Mid Bordo shoes, and I absolutely completely fell in love. I am famously not a ‘heel person’ but I just knew these were The Ones. 
A week before the wedding day, I went to the lovely Harriet Wilde showroom in London to try on my wedding shoes for the first time and it was a real Cinderella moment. They were just my perfect shoes. 
I got endless comments about them throughout the wedding day, and I can confirm I partied very hard in them all night and they were as comfortable as when I first put them on.
I just need more occasions to wear them now, and of course I’m desperate to buy some more!”
Shoes: Hetty Mid Bordo || Photographer: The Chamberlains