5 Things To Consider When Looking For Wedding Shoes

Your wedding dress may be the main attention grabber and buzz among your guests. Still, your wedding shoes also play an important role on the day in getting you down the aisle. When it comes to wedding shoes, you can’t walk down the aisle in just your everyday sneakers. 

To help you find the perfect pair, we have put together this article on the top 5 things to consider when looking for wedding shoes. Make sure to take note of these and keep them in mind while you shop for your dream wedding shoes!


Imagine spending most of your wedding day with achy feet and no feeling in your toes. Not the best way to remember your wedding day. As the saying goes ‘comfort is key’, but what’s the harm in being stylish as well? Affordable heels tend to be uncomfortable after long wear. We designed our range of wedding shoes with comfort in mind. All of our wedding shoes are made with pink kid leather with a fully padded sock under the foot. Kid leather is known for its lightweight, sturdy, and soft properties.


Who said wedding shoes have to be either white or ivory? There are no rules on what colour of wedding shoes to choose. Generally, brides match their wedding shoes to their colour palette or the colour of their bridesmaid dresses. Our wedding shoes are available in a variety of beautiful colours including ivory blue, blush, bordo red, green, lilac, and pink. 

If you decide to pick an ivory pair, it’s more than likely you won't wear them again after your wedding. It can be difficult to style ivory heels without it looking too formal for a night out. On the other hand, if you decide on a blue pair such as our Arabella block heel, there are more opportunities to re-wear them over and over. If you have your heart set on an ivory pair, we also offer a dyeing service, allowing you to change the colour of your ivory wedding shoes after your big day.

Heel Height

High heels can make legs look slimmer, add an extra inch or two to your height and let's not forget the confidence boost. If you regularly wear stilettos, you will find walking in our high heels a breeze! However, wedding shoes don't necessarily have to be high heels. Walking in high heels is a real talent and not every bride would feel comfortable wearing them all day. Luckily, we also have mid heel and low heel wedding shoes available. No heel height is too low to wear on your wedding day.


The season when you are set to tie the knot can make a lot of difference to your choice of wedding shoes. Are you planning a wedding abroad or a winter wedding? As we all know, the weather in the UK can be quite unpredictable. Generally, sandal and open toe heels are worn during the Spring and Summer months and closed toe heels are worn during the Autumn and Winter months.

Dress Style and Length

When choosing your wedding shoes, you want to make sure they’re a perfect match with your wedding dress. If your wedding dress has bow features, our bow style heels will complement nicely. You will also want to take the length of your wedding dress into account. If your wedding dress is tea length, your wedding shoes will be more on show and you will want to pay extra attention to the choice of wedding shoes.

Designer Wedding Shoes By Harriet Wilde

Fall head over heels with designer wedding shoes and accessories by Harriet Wilde. If you’re ready to find your dream pair of wedding shoes, book an appointment with us today and pop in to our London showroom to view our full collection and try them on for yourself! We also offer virtual appointments if you’re unable to meet in person. We’re proud to have helped many brides-to-be in finding what they’re looking for. Our team will offer you the best possible shopping experience, service and expert advice.