A Perfect Match - Shoes & florals for a spring wedding

Spring has now sprung and the blossom has started to bloom, the delight of seeing the flowers has inspired the Harriet Wilde designers to match styles of shoes in the collection with the florals in your bouquet, creating a perfect match for your wedding day.

Hetty Mid Ivory Organza

White lupins, roses, and leucanthemum in a tonal bouquet for an outdoor wedding we have chosen the style Hetty Mid Ivory Organza mid, a block heel (perfect for a grassy lawn) in silk satin, a simple dorsey pump with the adorable organza bows. See more from Jane's wedding on Wilde Brides, image credit photographer Iburi Photographer


Amy Ivory Pink Cherry

Statement florals with white anemone, roses, peonies and eucalyptus foliage, complete the look with Amy Ivory Pink Cherry, a sleek elegant ivory heel pump to complete the sleek look of Wilde Bride Julie's gown, image credit photographer Mango Studios 


Hetty Blue Organza  

Pretty pastels with misty blue assents that could be created with delphiniums, tweedia coerulea, roses, tone with Hetty blue organza heels, block heel wedding shoes perfect for a lawn wedding. Totally inspired by Wilde Bride Casey, image credit photographer Jennifer Larsen Photography


Arabella Block - Made to order

Lilac dreams with lilac blooms, delphiniums, heliotrope, roses and peonies, the perfect heels are made to order Arabella Block lilac suede with Blossom small silver. Inspired by Wilde Bride Hope, image credit, photographer 3 Cats Photo


Amy Mid Blue Blossom

The spring flower the bright and bold daffodil, with bright mimosa flowers and foliage, dahlia, roses, daisies, a beautiful combination for a season spring wedding, outdoor stone floors are perfect for the elegant Amy Mid Blue Blossom heels. be inspired by Wilde Bride Sydney, image credit, photographer Alyssa Beach Creative


Arabella Block Blue

Dramatic yet delicate and pretty, soft peach, golden shades, lilac and a hint of blue could be created with tulips, anemone, ranunculus, sweet peas, snowdrops, and iris blooms, the shoe of choice is Arabella Block Blue. Be inspired by Wilde Bride Cressy, image credit, photographer Anita Masih Photography