Add a sole message

Add a sole message to make your Harriet Wilde shoes more personal to your day, we offer this custom service, choose your message and we can add to the soles.

Shoes can be returned & exchanged when the message is added, we will add the message to the exchange without any extra cost.

What message will you add?

Popular choices are initials, your married name, the date of your wedding, a short message. Choose from 5 colours in 4 different font types, on each shoe you'll see ADD CUSTOM MESSAGE, click to add your message to add hearts use the emoji.

Please allow a week/10 days for us to prepare your order, email if you have a rushed order or if you have any questions:

Hetty mid forest green

Gold colour in Murphy Font

Midnight colour in Lovely Font

Bordo colour in Murphy Font

Misty blue in Murphy

Bordo colour in Lovely Font

Gold colour in Lovely Font

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