Sole message

Adding a sole message to your order

Select your favourite style from the website, scroll down to the and to add custom sole message tab. 
Add your message into the two boxes (Left & Right Foot), there is a maximum of 18 characters per shoe, this is split over two lines with 9 characters per line. These 9 characters include spaces and any punctuation. 
Next, choose your favourite font and colour from the drop down menu, we have 4 fonts and 5 colours to choose from. 
You can see what your message looks like in the chosen font and colour, when happy add to cart. 
Check over your message to confirm spellings and dates are correct. 

What to do if your message if over the character limit

If your message is over the character count and you have any questions, please email us any we can advise if your desired message is possible.
Upon confirming, please order the shoes and add TBC into the boxes and then add your message to the 'Add Order Note' box at the checkout. 


All shoes can be exchanged or returned when the message is added, any questions please contact our team and we can help you. We have a showroom in London, if you'd like to book a visit we can show you the message and help you order. We can also see you virtually, this is perfect if you can't make it to our showroom. Book online or order online.