My wedding shoes feel snug

Received your shoes, we hope that you love them. Do they feel snug around the toes but the length seems okay?

If so we have some useful tips to help you, we have been designing and making shoes for more than 15 years, we have learnt a few tricks of the trade to help pass on to you.

On a carpet floor, try the shoes with a pair of tights or hose (US), the lyrca will pull your foot in, widthwise, it will also make your foot slip forward, if they feel more comfortable across the width and you know the length is good you will be able to stretch your shoes, we will move on to some experienced tips on how to stretch your Harriet Wilde shoes. 

If this doesn't work and the shoes are still too tight you could exchange and try the half or full size bigger, we offer exchanges please contact our team and we can help you. Some of our style are made as wide fit and perhaps you would like to exchange and try the wide fit.

Our tips on stretching:

Try and stretch the shoes yourself, start with tights, wear the shoes around your home, move on to a thin pair of socks and then to thicker socks, the warmth of the foot and the extra width of the socks will stretch the shoes, all of our shoes are made with natural materials and the leather lining is soft and they have a leather sole, these natural materials will give and stretch. 

After trying this and you still find your shoes are a bit snug, we offer a stretching service at Harriet Wilde, this costs £30 and takes us a min of a week (if you are in a rush, please contact the team), allow extra time for shipping etc. We take the shoes to a specialised place, they have a machine that uses heat and expansion to increase the width across or the front part of the shoes, this should increase the width by half a size.

It might be worth trying yourself and then if you need the professional stretch we can arrange this for you.

Please remember, if you might need to return your shoes for an exchange of size or for a refund please wear on a carpet floor to ensure that the plastic film protecting the soles stays unmarked and new for the next person.

We hope this helps, we are here for any questions on fit or for any feed back on this post.

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