Satin dye service

Create the perfect coloured shoe for your special day with the Harriet Wilde dye service. We know that it can be hard to find a style that you love which is in the perfect shade to coordinate with your colour theme or outfit. That is why all of our ivory satin styles can be recoloured to any shade with the dye service.

Arabella Block Ivory recoloured to blush, we can dye the shoes to any colour (except for white) it takes about 3 weeks, please allow plenty of time before your event, factor time to try the shoes before we dye, this way it allows time for any exchanges.

Hetty dyed to misty blue, on Hetty the ankle straps can be dyed but not the organza bows. We have a selection of colour swatches available to order online, or if you have a particular colour that you'd like you can provide a swatch and we can colour match to your shade.

If you have worn your ivory satin Harriet Wilde shoes we can dye the shoes to black or midnight. 
The dark colours will hide any marks or blemishes caused by wear, black and midnight are classic wearable colours that you'll be able to wear again and a great edition to your wardrobe.
Invest in good quality, you'll want to wear the shoes afterwards, one part of your wedding outfit that will be worn and enjoyed after the wedding or special event.
Can shoes with an embellishment be dyed?
Yes they can, the dye is applied in a delicate hand process by an expert, the styles with an embellishment look stunning in a colour.
How long should I allow for the dye service?
This process takes time, we suggest allowing as much time as possible before your event. You need time to try the shoes and the standard dye takes 3 weeks, we can expedite at an extra cost.
I've worn my shoes, can they be dyed?
Yes we can dye to black or midnight, the dark colours hide any marks, other colours won't work as they will show blemishes.
Not sure about the colour, can I order a swatch?
Yes we have selection of colours, order a swatch online.
Can't see the colour in your swatches can I dye to a different colour?
Yes send a swatch and we can colour match.
How do I order the dye?
Order the shoes and if we have the colour in the dye service you can select the dye colour, if not please select custom colour and we can assist you to achieve the colour.
I have more questions...
We have a designer who can assist you if you need inspiration and our team know all about the process and service, please send an email or book a virtual appointment, or visit the London showroom.
Be inspired be our brides, Mary wanted a bright bright pink pair of heels for your wedding day, we recoloured Hetty, they look amazing as a pop of colour to coordinate with her theme. Take a look at her feature on WIDE BRIDES.