Thank you for choosing Harriet Wilde shoes, we design the shoes in London and manufacture in
Spain, we use a small artisan factory with experienced shoemakers, each pair is hand finished
and made with love and care.

Caring for your satin shoes

If you wish you dye the shoes after wear, please do not use a protector spray as this contains
silicone and will obstruct the absorption of the shoe dye.
Please use a protector spray if you do not plan to dye your shoes, we cannot be held
responsible for any damage caused by a protector spray, we recommend a high quality fabric
protector spray designed for shoes. Give the shoes at least 3 good all over sprays, spray all over
then dry, then repeat, this will create a barrier on top of the satin and make cleaning after wear
much easier.

We cannot clean your shoes, we can however give you some tips, if you have a small mark
caused by contact with another shoe, this can usually be brushed off with a small clean soft
bristle brush or a cloth. Mud or grass stains can be cleaned (at your risk) with a fabric cleaner,
best to try on a cotton tip in a small area in a less obvious part of the shoe to see if this works
then work to a larger area. If your shoes have lots of mud, we recommend cleaning the mud off
first with a dry brush before trying to clean with any products.

Caring for your suede shoes

Please spray your shoes before wear, select a high quality suede protector spray, give the shoes
at least 3 overall sprays, this will help to clean after wearing. Use a clean brush to remove any
mud and then try a high quality suede cleaning product, start in a small area in a less obvious
area to check before you start the overall clean.

Caring for your custom embellished shoes

Take care when wearing, the shoes are finished by hand but they are delicate and if they are
rubbed together this can cause damage to the embellishments. The shoes can be sprayed with
protective spray (if you don’t want to dye, see care for your satin shoes) please try and cover
the embellishments with a cloth to avoid contact of the spray on the embellishments.