How to Find Your Dream Wedding Shoes

So, your wedding day is approaching fast, how exciting! But you haven’t chosen your wedding shoes yet, or you have no clue where to start? Don’t worry, we understand how stressful and overwhelming wedding planning can be. Before you decide on a pair of wedding shoes, there are a few things to consider that you might not have thought of. In this article by Harriet Wilde, we will take you through those considerations and you’ll be well on your way to finding your dream wedding shoes!

Look for Inspiration

Let’s be real, there are a lot of different types of wedding shoes out there. The first step we recommend is to create a Pinterest board and start browsing wedding shoes. You may be very open to different styles or you may have a specific style in mind. Either way, it's good to have a visual idea of what you’re looking for and it's something to fall back on if you need to.

Your Personal Style

Many brides decide to go outside their comfort zones and choose a completely different shoe to their own personal style. However, you might prefer to stick to a style you feel comfortable in. One way or another, you’ll be the only one wearing your wedding shoes on the big day. Have a look at your shoe collection so you can identify your own personal style. Do you have a range of high heels? How often do you wear them? These are all things to consider when establishing your style. 

Matching To Other Details

Wedding shoes can be influenced by a number of factors. If you’re set on a wedding theme, you might want to match the colour of your wedding shoes to the colour of your chosen theme. If you have said ‘yes’ to the dress, we recommend taking the style of your wedding dress into consideration. If your wedding dress is tea length, your wedding shoes will be on display, as such, we recommend going for a statement look, try our popular Hetty wedding shoes. If your wedding dress is highly detailed, opt for a simple pair of our Amy Platform Ivory so attention isn’t drawn away from the dress.

Consider A Second Pair

Once the speeches have been made and the meal has been eaten, it’s time to get your dancing shoes on! It's worth picking up a second pair of wedding shoes for the after party. Why bother with another pair? We hear you cry. Well firstly, you’ll feel more comfortable and able to move freely while dancing to your favourite songs and showing off your best moves to your guests. Secondly, if you develop sore feet, a comfortable pair of shoes will be extremely handy as a backup. 

At Harriet Wilde, we design a beautiful range of flat wedding shoes for these reasons. So, you can enjoy the rest of your wedding day and dance late into the night feeling comfortable while still looking incredibly stylish for those all important wedding photos.

Try Before You Buy

You wouldn’t buy your wedding dress before trying it on, would you? The same rule goes for your wedding shoes, make sure to try them on before making the final decision. It’s also a good idea to try on your wedding shoes with your wedding dress to see how they look together. Luckily, Harriet Wilde has a 14 day return or exchange guarantee when you order our wedding shoes. This gives you plenty of time to decide if they are the perfect pair for you.

Visit Harriet Wilde

To begin the search for your dream wedding shoes today, book a virtual appointment with one of our Harriet Wilde wedding shoe experts or visit our beautiful London showroom for an outstanding shopping experience and the opportunity to try on our designer wedding shoes yourself.