Why Bespoke Wedding Shoes Are The Perfect Finishing Touch For Your Bridal Look

Every wedding has something truly unique. It could be anything from the location of the venue to the wedding theme. A bride generally wears a white dress on their wedding day. Although this is a popular and a recognised tradition, every bride wants their wedding to be one-of-a-kind. There are many ways to do this. Some brides get their wedding dress designed especially for them. Despite it being every bride’s dream to have a custom-made wedding dress, it can be very expensive. In reality, a lot of brides don’t have that level of luxury. However, what you can invest in is a pair of designer wedding shoes.

In this article, we’ll reveal why a pair of our bespoke wedding shoes makes the perfect finishing touch to your overall bridal look.

For Better Comfort

When it comes to shoes, we believe comfort is key. If you’re looking for maximum comfort, investing in a pair of designer shoes will be worth the splurge. Most high heeled shoes aren’t comfortable to walk in all day and night. That’s why we design our bespoke heels to be comfortable, whether you choose a high or mid heel style.

All of our shoes are crafted with high-quality pink kid leather lining along with a fully padded sock under the foot to offer extra comfort. Leather generally requires a break-in period. After plenty of time walking in them, they will gradually mould to your foot shape in no time, for the uppers we use only the finest materials, real high quality silk satin sourced from Italy, high quality leathers and kid suedes and the velvet fabrics, mostly natural materials meaning they too offer comfort and will become more comfortable when worn in and moulded to your feet. We recommend wearing shoes for at least 4 evenings at home before the big day to ensure maximum comfort.

For All Wedding Themes (And Personalities!)

Not only are our shoes incredibly comfy but they are also luxurious and stylish. Whatever your wedding theme, there is a pair to compliment your bridal look. We’re honoured to be a special part of each customer’s wedding day. In fact, some of our Wilde brides loved their shoes so much, they based their wedding colour scheme around their chosen pair of wedding shoes!

Our shoes are available in a wide variety of colours and materials. From red and green velvet to ivory and misty blue kid suede. We believe that wedding shoes are an expansion of your personality. Whether you’re a traditional bride-to-be or have a carefree character! If a made to order pair is out of budget we recommend ordering the satin and we can re-colour with the dye service, this offers a more cost effected way to have a coloured Harriet Wilde shoe.

For A Personal Touch

Think of your wedding shoes like part of your bridal jewellery collection. Each piece holds sentimental meaning. For extra luxury, add an exclusive floral embellishment to your wedding shoes. Choose between a blossom or cherry design in silver, gold or rose gold. 

Why not go an extra step? Our wedding shoes have the option to be personalised with a custom sole message. Add your own personal message such as your wedding date to the soles of your wedding shoes. Choose your short message in a variety of styles and colours.

For Heels You Can Wear Again …..and Again

After the wedding day, most brides tend to store their wedding shoes away and not wear them ever again. As much as you want to treasure them forever, they deserve to be dusted off and loved again. Luckily, each pair of our satin shoes (including the embellished styles) has the option to be re-coloured and given a second life. With our shoe dye service, transform your Harriet Wilde wedding shoes into a more wearable pair while still reminding you of your special wedding day.

Still Looking For Bespoke Wedding Shoes?

As you now know, there are lots of unique options to choose from. From embellishments to re-dyeing, a bespoke pair of made to order Harriet Wilde wedding shoes is the perfect finishing touch for your bridal look. Need to finish your wedding day look? Visit our beautiful range of wedding shoes or get in touch with us today if you have any questions, if you can't make it to the London showroom we suggest to book a virtual appointment, we can show you the shoes, colours, embellishments, we can answer any questions that you might have before placing your online order.