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Custom Wedding Shoes

Heel embellishment

Select the shoe style and add the embellishment

Customise Harriet Wilde shoes with our floral heel embellishments, order online and choose from a selection of 10 styles and 6 different heel embellishments, we will send the plain shoes with a loose embellishment for you to try in advance of making your unique pair, the price includes the shipping to return the shoes and to ship the finished items. From confirmation the shoes will take 2-3 weeks to finish (excluding shipping), we ship shoes worldwide and they can also be re-coloured with the dye service.

Handmade Wedding Shoes

Sole Message

Customise your soles with your own message

Add your own personal message to the soles of your Harriet Wilde shoes, choose a short message in a variety of colours. The service takes 3 weeks from order and is offered worldwide to clients, click to order your own message, please contact the studio for more information.

Shoe Dye Service

Choose from the selection of colours

Each pair of our satin shoes (including the embellished styles) has the versatility to be re-coloured and enjoyed after the wedding, or, if a coloured shoe is preferred for the occasion, they can be dyed to match any shade first. The service takes 3-4 weeks to complete (excluding shipping). The dye is precisely applied by hand in a skilled and experienced process, any required colour or shade can be created, except for white. Order the shoe dye online, we have a custom option and the colours, Black, Blush, Forest Green, Misty Blue, and Midnight.